Kevin Hearn Interview (2002)

Rolling back the years – interview with Mr. Kevin Hearn from September 2002…

Kevin on Kevin:

How are you? Enjoying your break from touring?Ah yes touring… I am enjoying my break from touring very much thank you. What have you been doing in your free time?I have been working on a comedy special with my cousin Harland Williams. I did some of the music but mostly I am acting in the skits which was fun. I have also been working on new material for a new Thin Buckle CD, which we are currently working on.Out of all the venues you’ve played in, which is your favourite and why?
My favourite memory is playing The Royal Albert Hall. Such a beautiful place. I am a huge Beatles fan, and it was mentioned in A Day in The Life… plus I just had a fantastic day in London on that occasion.

How do you feel about the ‘innocent’ image you have been labelled? Does it ever annoy you or make you feel you have to be someone you’re not? Or does it just amuse you?
To quote Popeye… “I yam what I yam”.

Buckling Up With Kevin:
What’s the story behind the naming and forming of Thin Buckle? Could you give us a quick background?
Long before I was in BNL I played in a band called Look People for 6 years. I also worked with a band called Rheostatics. Thin Buckle is made up of three ex Look People and one Rheostatic. So I have been playing with those individuals in some form or another for over 14 years.

How does the fame and fandom of Barenaked Ladies compare with starting out with Thin Buckle?
It keeps me grounded. It is fun to work in a different dynamic from BNL. There is less pressure and playing the clubs keeps me in touch with that aspect of performing.

Is it strange being more of a ‘front man’ with Thin Buckle?
Yes it is. It sure makes me appreciate what Ed and Steve do every night (or any good front person). I love singing my songs, but I also like my role as musician just as much.

How did it feel to play in such a large venue with Thin Buckle at the Barenaked Circus compared with playing the smaller clubs? Did you guys enjoy it?
Yes I loved it.

What’s your favourite song to play live and why?
It changes… Hidden Sun is up there.

What are your future tour plans? Do you guys have any plans to venture across the pond to visit us in the UK?
Not yet, but I hope so.

Does it ever bother you that Thin Buckle is often stereotyped as a Barenaked Ladies side project?
It keeps me awake every night, all night. It just isn’t fair! Hopefully the music can reach other folks as well, because I do think it is different, and not just appealing for BNL fans.

What was it you were supposed to be drinking in the Driftwood video? And where can we get some?
Magic potion, you can get it from a wizard, a magic wizard.

After H-Wing was so influenced by your illness, do you think you will consciously try to make any future material ‘happier’?

Barenaked With Kevin

How do you feel about the old rumours that you were the drag queen in the Alternative Girlfriend video, even though it was before your time with Barenaked Ladies?
It does look like me though doesn’t it? What if maybe just maybe…

In ‘The Ode to Krispy Kreme’ the theme is shockingly similar to ‘Blue Museum’ on H-Wing. Coincidence or shocking plagiarism?
I was Finishing work on ‘Blue Museum’ at the time. I was enjoying playing and singing it. However I couldn’t play Blue Museum at a BNL show, so I substituted the words. Good ears on you! Elf ears!

We asked Kevin to give us a top ten list to surviving a UK tour:


Kevin’s ‘needs’

(the american/canadian equivalent)






mashed potato









a shop that sells ‘fries’


sausage boilers

(we aren’t even sure what they are – ed)



french kiss


chip chop

(see no.6)





“good show mate”

“well done”


Zoe Randall – Driver of the Thinbuckle Wagon
Derek – Email master
Bex – Queen of the questions
Caliza (& ‘other people’) – TB photographers extraordinaire
Christy ‘Elf Ears’ Keeling – for her love of the ‘ode to krispy kreme’

And of course, Mr Kevin Hearn, for taking some time out to answer our questions! Thanks Kev!

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