Boothby Graffoe Interview (2012) caught up with Boothby Graffoe mid-way through his tour with Omid Djalili and only a matter of days before the release of his new album, ‘Bang! Is This Your Vehicle, Sir?’

The new album, ‘Bang! Is This Your Vehicle, Sir?’

Bang! Is This Your Vehicle, Sir?

Describe the album in 3 words:Trinity. Triangle. Triplets.

Song you are most proud of?
i can’t answer that question, they might be listening.

Why should we buy it?
with the many different ways one can download stuff for free these days there’s no real reason anyone should buy it at all. Unless they like it and want me to be able to make another one.

Tell us a little about the special guests?

Great Bob Scott is one of the funniest people on the planet as well as being a brilliant drummer. He also possesses laser fingers. Chris Gartner, or “Moose” as i have never refered to him before this album is a wonderful bass player, they’re both members of Thin Buckle, Kevin Hearn’s band.

Kevin is, of course, Kevin. I have a BareNaked Lady playing on my album, how cool is that? And a member of Lou Reed’s band. Minus 273.

Omid Djalili, is an extremely talented percussionist. He has a unique style and can get sounds out of bongos and congas that you wouldn’t expect them to make. I asked him to come on tour with me but he said he couldn’t because he was making a new movie in Hollywood, or something, what’s up with that?

Boothby and Nick Pynn

Nick Pynn is an alchemist.

Vivienne Soan can make a saxophone make noises that are so beautiful they are hard to believe. She makes a sound on Zombies which is indescribably wonderful.

Dean Friedman lives with a monkey who used to be a movie star. heh. I really wanted Dean to do some piano and vocals on the album but the times just didn’t work out.

Jimmy Melophonic and Jim Dude, what can i say about them? They hate each other and are never in the same room at the same time.

have i missed anyone?

Where can we buy it? (‘we’ including our North American friends reading this):
i-tunes uk/america/canada/australia
parts of the nile delta

Boothby on stage with BNL

Working with Barenaked Ladies:

Favourite BNL song?
all of them. Bank Job i adore. And who ever heard the opening of Million Dollars on the radio and turned it off? four seconds? how many rhymes for orange? Too many songs to choose from. Testing 1, 2, 3? Elf.

Favourite Kevin Hearn song?
Diving board. and 5. potbelly. 9. mothball mint. all of it. Bonefight at the Museum. Goodtime Virus. Anastasia. all of them. every one. Shopping! the most moving musical reaction to 9/11 ever written.

Fondest memory touring with BNL?
Tyler just drank all of the cheese. Sorry, did you say Fondue memory?

Briefly describe the Ships and Dip experience?
all day spent working out how to be first in the lifeboat queue.

Are you in love with Kevin?
yes. yes i am.

Boothby Graffoe

General questions:

Comedy hero?
David Cameron.

Favourite bands/musicians?
Bucks Fizz.

Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Avoid questions.

Thanks Boothby!


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