Tyler Stewart Interview (2012)

BNLUK caught up with the Barenaked Ladies drummer to talk about all things BNL; including the upcoming rarities album, the US summer tour, and keeping trim!

Hey Tyler! Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak to BNLUK again. How are you?I’m Swell, thanks Liam – busy but swell! Like everyone else my age, I’ve been juggling family life, work and health – trying to keep all my balls in the air, so to speak…BNL’s Last Summer On Earth US tour has just been announced. What can fans expect from the show?Last Summer on Earth – A nod to our main, main ancient men, The Mayan’s, should be a great summer tour… 1997!!! Actually we’re happy to be touring with our old pals, Blues Traveller, whom we last saw on The H.O.R.D.E. tour in 1998, and Cracker -whose early songs like Happy Birthday to me and Teen Angst (what the world needs know) were BNL favourites. We also know that Big Head Todd are famous for their live shows as are The Traveller and Cracker – so it should be a full evening of hot live music.

…and they can expect a leaner, fitter drummer, right? How’s progress at the Motion Room?

The workouts at The Motion Room ( have been life changing for me. I really notice the increase in strength on stage when I’m playing drums, and I have more wind available for when I’m freaking out all over the stage in Alcohol. I must give props to Ed and Steven, and every other Rock front-man out there over the years – It’s tough bringing the Rockstar Jam every song! You gotta be in shape! I’m also finding that I sleep better (when the 1yr Old isn’t partying down at 3 am!) and obviously (I hope!) I’ve lost some weight. 17 pounds (1.2 stone, mates) since last September, With more to come I hope!

Surely your rendition of “Alcohol” takes it out of you – how do you enjoy being front and centre stage for a while?

I have a great time singing that song and shaking my derrières in all Y’alls faces! How bout Ed on those drums? I gotta watch my back…

Album wise: any plans to hit the studio with some new material?

We’ve been working on new material, but all of it is for Animal House, The Musical. We’re thrilled to be a part of it, but it sure is a lot of work!!! We’ve been working in the studio in Toronto, and in NYC with the director, Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw (Book of Mormon, Spamalot, Drowsy Chaperone) and writer Michael Mitnick (The Race, Second Chance). We’re going to try to write and record a new BNL song or two before we hit the road this summer.

Of course, we have a date set for the rarities disc now. Fans are buzzing about that one! Can you give BNLUK a scoop on the track listing – or is it TBC? Are you excited to finally release this?

Some live gems and a couple of unreleased Masters and Demo’s. How’s That?? Not enough I bet!…We are excited to put this out there … it’s just a smidgen of some of the stuff in our vaults. Hopefully everybody appreciates how fast we used to play!!

I’d be shot by a whole bunch of ‘Dippers’ if I didn’t ask this… anything on the horizon involving large boats and tons of naked people?

Boats and Naked People…. I’m so turned on right now, Liam! Nothing as of yet in the Ships and Dip dept., but we have spoken of doing something in 2013 regarding bodies of water, perhaps a boat, and tons of Naked People at least. The Cruise has always been one of our favourite things to do.

And for the UK fans – a quickfire ‘Uncle Tyler’s UK favourites’

Favourite British…

Toss-Up: London, Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow. Or Lobricamgow…

Band (all time):
Led Zeppelin

Band (contemporary):


Chicken Tikka on Whole Grain from a BP on the M8

Slang term:

Comedian (Boothby says hello):
Sasha Baron-Cohen (Hi Boothby!)

Memory of touring here:
There are several! Rocking Albert Hall in Pleather Pants 2001, Playing Glastonbury Pyramid Stage in 94 and 99 for 80,000+ dirty, happy punters. Boothby as Bronson at the Hammersmith Apollo in Sept. 2010. All audiences in Glasgow since 1992 at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut thru to T in the Park, SECC, The Barrowlands, and finally The Carling Academy and O2 in 2011. Jaffa Cakes in a Splitter with Martin, 1996.

When is it likely BNL might grace our shores again?

Lets hope someone books us for the Olympics Eh????

Any final message to the readers of BNLUK?

We love all of you crazy Subjects. Thanks for all the toasties, Throaties, Irn Bru, jumpers, shandy’s, crisps and courgette’s over the years. Cheerio and Ta-Ra for now.

Thanks Tyler!

Thank you to Kevin Campbell for the great photos.

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