Boston – 2003

Live in Boston, 21.10.2003
Here’s what Jeff had to say about the show:

BNL 2003In 2003, BNL announced that they were embarking on a tour unlike anything they’d ever done before. The goal was to play their entire new album, Everything to Everyone, every night and over the course of the tour, play every song they’ve ever recorded.The structure of the shows were the same: 2 sets with an intermission. The second set began with the band huddled around a single mic in the center of the stage playing a few songs. After that, the band launched into a Q&A session.Boston was a special night. It was the first night of the tour and we knew nothing about what to expect. Many songs were played for the first time. It took one day for the fans to ‘crack the code’ and figure out the order of the rarities. They stuck mostly to ‘the code’ for the entire tour, but as it went on they skipped a few songs and did them later. Notably was Call Me Calmly which was skipped and held for one of the later shows in the tour (Albany).The first song of the encore was introduced by Ed saying “This next song is one we have never, ever, ever played in front of an audience. So here we go…” The screams of joy when they then started playing Long Way Back Home perfectly sum up how magical the night was.Hit the Tweet & Get It button to get the show!

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