Retro videos now online

Below are the results of some VHS -> DVD converting, digging out some classics from the Barenaked vaults! Enjoy these clips, more to follow.

“It’s All Been Done” on CDUK (1999):BNL perform “It’s All Been Done” from Stunt on CD:UK sometime in 1999. Apologies for the cut-off introduction. The singing is live but it becomes apparent that the instruments are from a backing track, which seems to amuse the guys. Chris Brown has stepped in for Kevin Hearn on keys for this performance, as Kev was still receiving treatment for leukemia. Kept the bit with Ant and Dec in at the end too!Interview on CDUK (1999) – Ed, Tyler, Steve:Steven Page, Ed Robertson and Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies interviewed by Cat Deeley (and Ant and Dec) on CDUK, Saturday 24th April 1999 after performing “It’s All Been Done”.

“Brian Wilson 2000” on TFI Friday (1999):

Barenaked Ladies performing “Brian Wilson (2000)” on Chris Evans’ Channel 4 show TFI Friday on the 26th November 1999. Greg Kurstin filled in for Kevin Hearn on keys, and Brady Blade filled in for Tyler Stewart on drums.

“It’s All Been Done”, Munich, Germany (1999):

Barenaked Ladies performing at the 27th June 1999 Munich, Germany “What More Can I Give” Concert. BBC TV aired this performance on 3rd July 1999.

“Another Postcard” on the Jay Leno show (2003):

BNL perform “Another Postcard” on the Jay Leno show, 14th October 2003. Aired in the UK shortly after on channel FTN. Nice little extra at the beginning. Ahem.

“Gangster Girl” in The Wrong Guy (1997):

BNL made a guest appearance in the 1997 David Steinberg film The Wrong Guy (Dave Foley, David Anthony Higgins, Jennifer Tilly, Joe Flaherty). Here they show us their acting skills and sing “Gangster Girl”.

‘Outrageous Celebrity Moments’ (brief clips, 2003):

A couple of very short clips of Ed, Steve and Jim commentating between clips on TMF’s “Outrageous Celebrity Moments”. This aired in 2003.

Janice Long Interview (radio, 2004)

Barenaked Ladies interviewed on BBC Radio 2’s Janice Long show on 6th May 2004. They were over in the UK on the Everywhere For Everyone tour. Features performances of Celebrity, War on Drugs and One Week.

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