Tyler’s Tidbits

Get Barenaked recently caught up with Tyler Stewart. Here are some of the bits that didn’t quite fit in to the interview, but we wanted to share them anyway. Enjoy!


Tyler’s Music Tips

We asked Tyler what music he’s into at the minute. The intention was a Top 5 list, but as we all know, there’s so much good music out there, so it was hard to streamline. Ty whipped out his iPhone and now we present to you: Ty’s Tips.

Little Green Cars


“They’re kinda like a mixture of folk with pop and rock… it’s weird. Big choruses”.

The Darcys


“There’s a band in Toronto, The Darcys. Young guys who are very serious about their music. They covered Steely Dan’s “Aja” album back to back, their own interpretation of it. Also they’ve been playing in high schools and getting kids turned on to music. They play very interesting, atmospheric, art-rock”.

The Divine Fits


“There’s a guy named John Grant, who has this song GMF [Greatest Motherf*cker] – really fun. “Pale Green Gloves” is the name of the record”.

The Poison Tree


“I’ve also been loving a group called The Poison Tree, actually I think it’s one guy based in New York”.

Honourable mention goes to Imaginary Friend and Fossil Collective.


We asked Tyler, as a travelling musician, what apps can he not live without?

  • There’s a touring app we use called Master Tour which has all our touring information
  • There’s another one, Team Snap, which is for all my kids’ hockey games, practices.


Tyler on… Mumford and Sons

Upon cracking out the banjo in the acoustic segment of their set, BNL have commented that: “We were rockin’ the banjo before Mumford had sons!” 

Get Barenaked asked Tyler how he felt about the band and how folk music has seemed to become ‘fashionable’ in the last few years.

“Coming from a band who was using acoustic instruments at the beginning, there’s nothing new there for me. They’re OK. The thing I like about it, is that kids are into it – they’re songs, they’re not autotune and drum beats; there are actually songs there”.


Tyler on… David Bowie

“There was just a big exhibit in Toronto in the art gallery, of all his costumes, paintings, everything to do with him. I didn’t get a chance to see it but my wife went and loved it.  Kev went as well and said it was really good.

There’s a great movie too, it’s called David Bowie “Five Years” and it’s about five separate years in his career which defined his legacy – five different albums; Ziggy StardustYoung AmericansLowLet’s Dance. I highly recommend watching it.

The thing about him that freaks me out is he plays a different character every time. Not so much lately, but back then.

Who is David Bowie?!”


Read the full interview with Tyler here.

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