A fan rotation curation week on Twitter!

How would you like to take the reins of the Get Barenaked Twitter account?


We are offering just that, with a new Fan Week initiative at @getbarenaked.

Rotation curation is the concept of a rotating spokesperson/host on a social media account, and we would love to try this from our lovely and dedicated base of followers.

Over the course of a week, we are looking for seven Barenaked Ladies fans to entertain our audience, one day at a time.

You will be given access to @getbarenaked and can discuss whatever you like with our followers, assuming of course you’ll be bringing BNL into the chatter.

You may like to share your favourite songs, lyrics and stories; you might have some fun quizzes or competitions up your sleeve; you may like to chat about song interpretations and reminisce on your Barenaked memories.

Whatever the case, we’re looking for seven enthusiastic fans who are Twitter-savvy and can dedicate some Tweets throughout one day to entertain and inspire our audience.

We hope that we can find seven diverse fans (we’re looking for a cross-section of ages and locations) and create a really exciting Fan Week full of fun Tweets.

If you’re interested in being part of our fan rotation curation week, simply fill out the little form below and share how you’d like to use the account for the day.

The rotation curation week is tentatively scheduled for 6-12th October and we’ll provide updates on our social media accounts as we announce our Tweeters!


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During the week, Get Barenaked acts as master of ceremonies and will introduce each new Tweeter daily. Twitter password details will be emailed to you at the start of your day and access revoked at the end, ready for the next Tweeter. You must not alter the password during your time on the account and you must not abuse the DM function. We reserve the right to post in the capacity of Get Barenaked during your time on the account, but will not do so unnecessarily and will clearly mark that the Tweet is sent from us. We reserve the right to revoke access if the T&Cs are breached.


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