Meet our guest Tweeters!

A few weeks back, we announced plans to host a week of guest Tweeters on the @getbarenaked account!

We’ve come up with a fun and eclectic mix of BNL fans to entertain you next week for our rotation curation project, and we’d like to introduce them…


Monday 6th October – Sam @RedNextDoor

I’m a lifelong fan who pretty much ignores new music in favour of having BNL albums on persistent and unending repeat. Also a professional comedian, so will bring the funnies. AND I know how to use #twitter. Put that all together and I’m effectively a triple threat.

Tuesday 7th October – Amy @behrendtamy

I love the band (fan for 15 plus years) and LOVE talking to BNL fellow fans! Case in point: I was at back-to-back concerts this summer, which were my 7-year-old son’s first two BNL shows. I look forward to interacting with fellow BNL fans, tweeting about anything BNL related! As I have learned from the nearly 25 BNL shows I have been to through the years (including a Ships and Dip cruise), BNL fans are so much fun!

Wednesday 8th October – Gordon @GuitarEngines

I make Ed’s guitar amplifiers. I know the band, techs and others that tour with them. I have a lot of back stage pics at a number of locations.

Thursday 9th October – Tori @Torikins0

I’m an absolute geek over Barenaked Ladies, and I’ve memorized the tiniest, most obscure things over the years. I am SO READY to share all I’ve learned and loved with people who actually care about it!

Friday 10th October – Feesh @uffeesh

I’ve been a BNL fan forever and been to more live shows than I can count. I have BNL photos I can post that have never been published. I’ll also link to some of my favorite fan posted videos. Did I mention I was also the first to post “Odds Are” live on the interwebs?

Saturday 11th October – Kerrie @kiffyann

I look forward to running some lyrics interpretation interactive tweets and perhaps some fill in the next line quizzes!

Sunday 12th October – Sam @SamuriaSam23

I have recently became active on Twitter and active with the community of @getbarenaked and just fans in general, I’m a lad who has fun, weird and unique views on songs and entertainment. I’ve been a huge fan of BNL since around the release of Snacktime.


…now there’s a fine bunch of folks if ever we saw them.

We hope you enjoy the week on @getbarenaked – be sure to follow the account and chat to our guest Tweeters about all things BNL!

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