EXPIRED: COMPETITION – Win Boothby Graffoe SCRATCH tickets!

Boothby Graffoe performs his last ever Scratch show in London tomorrow – and you could be there!


BNL pal, arch-surrealist comedian Boothby Graffoe, has been touring his show Scratch; a typically skewed looked at the weird little world of the UK lottery scratch card.

Who buys them? How many do they buy? What, really, are the odds they might win? Have you got one? Do you want one? What would you do with all that money?

These questions and several others, utterly unrelated, will be answered. Or will they? Who knows?

Question marks are free, shall we keep using them?

Will Boothby win during the show?

More importantly, will he share any of his winnings with you?

YOU could win two tickets to see Boothby’s last ever Scratch show live in London, Thursday 4th February at the CLF Theatre.

To enter, all you have to do is post a photo scratching something – use your imagination; you could scratch your friend, your pet, your uncle, a stranger (we don’t encourage this option) – anything you like. You could even Get Barenaked and scratch something. But please don’t.

Post your scratching photos to the Get Barenaked Facebook page or Twitter and a winner will be picked by end of play Weds 3rd Feb.

Winners will be contacted via social media. Prize is two tickets. Transport/accommodation not included.

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