GUEST BLOG: The Greatest Gift Ever – by Presley

Presley shares a brilliant BNL story about the greatest gift ever received!


Around my hometown, I am known as the Biggest Barenaked Ladies fan.

From high school presentations all the way up to university research projects, I have tried to incorporate BNL into every class I took. So far, I’ve done quite a good job.

My mother is well aware of my BNL love, and has done many things to help me show support for the band. She transformed my room from a boring, blue wall to a BNL theme, painting the room the colors of their CD cover for Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before. She blew up a picture we took at my first Barenaked Ladies concert in Maine, and made the most adorable “Hey look, a real green dress” sign.

unnamed (1)She loves how much I love this band.

And for one of my birthdays, she went further than I could have ever asked for.

This was my 17th birthday. My mom wanted to do something extra special, and she had been trying to get me some BNL signatures for a while. The summer prior to my September birthday, I had been marathoning Ed’s Up! and watched every episode. My mother decided she would try to find some BNL contact information from the show.

Somehow, bless her heart, this worked, and Ed sent my mother a message, and he sent me an autographed proof of the album art for Grinning Streak, as well as a signed copy of an amazing comic adaptation of “Bank Job”. I still have the envelope it was sent in, as well as the book and photo.

[click for larger images]



This was the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten and I just wanted to share the story and the picture with Get Barenaked.

If I could, I’d thank Ed Robertson a million times over for taking the time to send me this, – I appreciate it so much.

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