GUEST BLOG: What a way to start married life! – by Charlene and Richard

I wanted to share our Barenaked adventure.

I entered a local radio station contest to win tickets for 2 to get on the Ships and Dip cruise and out of 30,000 contest entries my name was drawn.

My fiance and I had originally intended to elope to Vegas to get married, but upon winning the cruise I looked into getting married on the ship,and it was surprisingly easy to do.

We are Canadian so there were a few hurdles to jump,but we managed to pull it off.


We were married on board ‎the Carnival Victory in the port of Miami,and as the ship’s horn blew,we embarked on our married life together.

I have to say the cruise was the best vacation we have ever had in our lives. It was awesome and surreal all at the same time.

We made many new friends that we still have to this day. We both love music and this intimate and interactive was indescribable for us.

I have pictures hugging Ed up on my wall (which was completely legal because my hubby took it) as well as pictures with Alan Doyle, Craig Northey in his Acid Wish regalia, Dave Foley, Jim Creeggan, Kevin McDonald – just to name a few.

We are proudly Canadian and this experience to share our time with so many incredible and talented fellow Canadians has given us memories and wedding stories to last a lifetime.

I won the cruise, a full CD catalogue, airfare, hotel accommodation all included and so generously given to us by the Barenaked Ladies. We love you all so dearly and you will be forever woven into the tapestry of our lives together, and you will be in our hearts forever. There are no words that can accurately convey our gratitude, Ladies.


Heartfelt love and thanks for all you have given us. Still going strong, still crazy,and still rockin’ after all these years.

Oceans of love

Charlene Ferraro and Richard Edwards

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