Barenaked Ladies to re-invent classic 1992 debut ‘Gordon’; star guests expected

Barenaked Ladies have today announced that they are at work in the studio re-recording their 1992 debut Gordon.


Fans will be treated to modern-day versions of signature BNL hits such as “Enid”, “What A Good Boy” and “Be My Yoko Ono” – only this time, expect synths, samples and an innovative QR-code release format.

Intriguingly, the Ladies have also hinted at a number of big-name guest appearances to feature on the re-worked record.

From humble beginnings and a largely acoustic debut, the band have evolved into a fully-fledged electric outfit over the course of a 27-year career.

Singer Ed Robertson explained the reasoning for the project:

“We still perform these songs live, so it made total sense to head back to the studio and interpret them as a natural reflection of Barenaked Ladies in 2016”.

He joked:

“We’re even going to re-create the original cover. Hair is sprouting from my chin and Tyler’s head quite remarkably. Plus, Jim looks exactly the same so it’s totally easy to pull off!


We considered bringing back the naked track recording too, but in all honesty after almost three decades we’re totally sick of seeing each others’ hairy meat and veg”.

Drummer Tyler Stewart is particularly excited about the upcoming collaborations:

“We’re psyched, man!

Picture it – “If I Had $1,000,000” is now “If I Had $2,065,346” to account for inflation. We were worried it wouldn’t be as catchy that way, so we just got Sean Paul to make random noises all over it.

DJ/Producer Skrillex is expected to feature

DJ/Producer Skrillex is expected to feature

Skrillex is gonna add some fancy, whizzy sh!t to “I Love You” and we’re calling it “I Dub You”.

We’re hooking up with that crazy kid Bieber too – his PR crew thought that some wholesome Canadian folk-rock would demonstrate What A Good Boy he can be.

We’re pretty big on the Canadian music scene, but the Biebs is the New Kid on the Block, you know?

It’s exciting! I don’t even have to play the drums, it’s all done from the press of a button. Instead, my role for this record is Chief Snapchatter. In fact – I’ll talk Ed into the naked track, then we can broadcast the session on Snapchat. That’s all Snapchat is, right? Breasts and shame?”

Working titles of other old-school BNL tunes include “Netflix Box Set” and “Wrap Your iWatch Around Me”.

Multi-instrumentalist Kevin Hearn, who was yet to join the BNL fold for Gordon‘s original release, added:

“I don’t know any of these songs”.

The news is already making waves with BNL fans through social media.

Stephen Jessup-Peacock, from Essex UK, said:

“I do like BNL, and I’m excited that they’re branching out. The Bieber thing is cool. I know like, one or two Bieber songs. Maybe three. To be honest, I’ve got his latest album. My girlfriend bought it. OK, I bought it. By mistake. Fine, I bought three copies and the deluxe edition. I love it. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER. I have posters, tattoos, a restraining order, THE LOT. Who are Barenaked Ladies? I thought you said Justin would be here. What do you mean?”

Other fans, however, have reacted more dubiously. Sarah from Madeupsville commented:

“I’m not sure about this. I mean, I love the Ladies, and it initially sounded quite plausible, but then came the stuff about Bieber and whoever is writing this really ran out of steam. It reeks of a tenuous practical joke to me. Then I heard the “Grade 9” demo and it all added up: ‘That guy is huge! That girl is wailing! It’s April Fool’s and I’m already failing’. Duh!”


Got ya! Again! Is it too late now to say sorry?

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