GUEST REVIEW – Camilla on BNL Rocks Red Rocks

Camilla gives her take on BNL’s new live release, BNL Rocks Red Rocks


BNL Rocks Red Rocks captures the band in their confident stride. These guys clearly love what they do. That kind of joy is infectious and it’s part of what makes their live shows so great. It translates to the album and makes it a good one in its own right.

There are some stand out moments: the sweeping piano and bittersweet bass intro to ‘Light Up My Room’ shows the band unafraid to update older tracks – it works and it avoids the ‘all our greatest hits’ trap. Likewise, Kevin ‘makes it his own’ on ‘$1,000,000’ and ‘Drawing’ comes to life with a bit of Pistols anarchy. The Led Zep tribute is short but perfectly formed. ‘Who Can It Be Now’ is all about Hay’s impeccable vocals and the killer sax, but you can hear the band rocking out in the background and they deliver some cracking back-ups. They are having a blast. They could have stuck to their own songs – it’s a generous move to give away a whole track – but the album benefits from their display of gratitude.

The guys are at ease with themselves and the music. The banter and improv have been edited down – although there are still some funny moments between tracks. Above all it encapsulates where the band is now. There’s no need to compare it to Rock Spectacle, or moan that Ed isn’t Steve on ‘Brian Wilson’… Personally, I think it’s a magnanimous nod to Page to include ‘Brian Wilson’ on the album, but at the same time a resolute, ‘we’ve got this’.

Quite right too. Ed, Kevin, Jim and Tyler know exactly what they’re doing.

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