5 things we learned on #LSOE2016

As we approach the end of the Last Summer on Earth tour for 2016, Get Barenaked looks back on the antics from the three brilliant acts who have graced stages across the States. Here are five things we have learned:

1. Howard Jones wants to get to know you well


Howard Jones, or HoJo as he has been affectionately dubbed, sure knows how to win over a crowd. His opening slot on #LSOE2016 has been a sublime, energetic addition to the bill – and he seriously rocks a white suit.


2. There’s some serious dancing going on


OMD have been a riot to watch this summer, and singer Andy McCluskey has got some electrifying moves. Can he work the dancefloor even better than BNL? You be the judge… 



3. Kev and Ed have perfected their monkey-catch


Hey Ed, haven’t you always wanted a mon-… <smack!>

If you chuck a stuffed toy monkey onto BNL’s stage, be prepared for it to be batted into oblivion…


4. There’s a fair chance you might be serenaded…


…whether you want it or not!

(Author understands perfectly well that 90% of female readers absolutely, definitely want this to happen).


5. You never know who’s going to turn up!


Whether it’s Kev popping up in OMD’s set, legendary acappella group The Persuasions contributing sublimely to a couple of numbers, or the nightly HoJo/BNL collaboration, Last Summer on Earth 2016 threw up some fun treats.

Next on the band’s agenda is a tour of the UK, where the fun is sure to continue!

What was your favourite moment from #LSOE2016? Send in your guest blogs to or write to Get Barenaked on Facebook and Twitter… 

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