GUEST BLOG: An open letter – memories and thank you – by Jenny

Jenny attended the LSOE show in Missoula and wanted to share this letter to BNL and the crew.


To the 2016 BNL summer concert tour…

I just wanted to take the extra time to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting together such an awesome show in Missoula, MT this summer. Please take a minute to read while I (try to) briefly explain why your concert made my year!!!

I know we all have hardships in life, but I want to explain just why you made me feel a little bit more at ease.

Last spring, my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought a hard battle and, six months later, passed away peacefully with our family by his side. Losing a parent who is your everything an your rock makes it feel like life has crumbled into pieces. Amidst all the grief, I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

It has been a horrendous year of ups and downs, but I am blessed to have had such a wonderful father and to have had two amazingly compassionate friends join me on my first ever independent trip to Missoula to attend your concert.


I admit I was nervous about going. Both disorders make it hard to be in large crowds. But can I just say WOW!!! What a show! I mean seriously! It began well with my friends treating me my like a princess and doing my hair, and was great in an open venue with front row spots and a super laid-back audience. But OhMyGoodness, when the bands started it went became amazing! Howard Jones gave me a big thumbs up. And OMD shook my hand during one of his songs and my friend timed it just right on video!!! I mean you shouldda seen my reaction.


Then to boot, when BNL got up on stage and the bassist did a dance in front of me (I’d like to think he did that for me btw 😉) because, shortly after, HE shook my hand, too!

I’ve never been to a concert quite like yours. I’ve never had front row and I’ve never, ever, ever shook hands with that many famous people in one night. Or well ever. Call me crazy, but it’s like you guys sensed that, even though I was having a blast already, you sensed my sadness and you all made the extra effort to treat me as if I wasn’t just another face in the audience, but that I was family.

A few years ago, I was living in a group home. I’ve lived independently again for 2 years and this was my first independent road trip. I proved to myself and everybody else that I can, in fact, do more than I think I can.

Thanks for sparking a light of hope in my heart and if you ever do solo trips and want to perform for my family, we’d all be ecstatic! (It doesn’t hurt to ask!) I hope you make it back to Missoula again sometime!

Enclosed are some pics of the concert and myself. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Safe travels on all your journeys.

Sincerely and thanks again,


Thanks so much to Jenny for sharing her story! If you would like to share your BNL experience, email!

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