A Steven Page update…

Steven Page has a couple of surprise surprises up his sleeve…


Following the release of Heal Thyself Pt 1 – Instinct, Steven Page has been busy performing shows across North America and hitting the promo trail for the new album.

Currently on holiday (that’s vacation to 90% of readers) in the UK, Steven Page popped in to see Iain Lee on his late-night talkRADIO show, chatting at length about his future plans and of course his legacy with Barenaked Ladies, among other things.

One topic of particular note to UK fans – already hinted at on Twitter this week  came in the shape of a proposed pop-up performance in London this weekend. After being inundated by British fans on social media requesting live shows, Steven has taken things into his own hands and seems ready to treat anyone who “happens to be” in a park in London this Saturday.

You can watch the full interview via this Periscope capture uploaded to Youtube: 

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, some pull-out bits of information of interest are as follows:

  • Heal Thyself Pt II – the follow-up to March’s release – is “80% done”
  • Steven really wants to tour in the UK and is working to get it organised!
  • Steven performed “I Can See My House From Here”, “Shoe Box”, “Alcohol” and “Surprise Surprise” on the show
  • Maroon is Page’s favourite Barenaked Ladies record, although he nodded to Everything to Everyone too

Follow @stevenpagefans and of course @getbarenaked on Saturday for updates from #PageInThePark, where Steven will “just so happen” to be hanging out with a guitar and some friends. Let’s see what happens!

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