PREVIEW: Barenaked Ladies at Bingley Festival

Barenaked Ladies drummer Tyler Stewart talks to Get Barenaked about the band’s upcoming performance at Bingley Festival


Pic: @yay4bnl

The band make their first appearance at Bingley Festival, performing on a bill also featuring Echo & The Bunnymen, Travis and We Are Scientists. Explaining the decision to return to the UK within a year of the band’s previous jaunt over the pond, Tyler said:

“We love the UK and we’ve had a great run there since as early as 1991 when we first came over – we’ve always had great crowds and some of our favourite gigs there!”

So what does Tyler need to survive a British festival?

Tyler Stewart’s SURVIVAL KIT for British festivals

“Oh my goodness, a pair of wellies is always good!

That’s if they’re not sold out because you’re buying them at the last minute along with the rest of the punters. Wellies for sure, and a raincoat.


All consumptions of meat-eating or carnivorism are gone because usually the best food is the vegetarian plate or the Indian, or the hummus or the Mediterranean plate – and it usually doesn’t involve meat so you gotta leave your carnivore instincts behind.

Other than that, be prepared for more mud than your average hog farm!

Shiny happy people

Happy people though – that’s the good thing about festivals. People choose to be there and they know, rain or shine, that it’s an experience. I like that; there tends to be an open-mindnedness at festivals”.

Jim and Kev watch Morrissey at Glasto

Jim and Kev, Glastonbury 2011, getting more rain than shine

Barenaked Ladies rock the main stage at Bingley Festival this Saturday, 3rd September. More info available on the festival’s official site.

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