Tyler Stewart takes on the questions that One Direction won’t!

The Barenaked Ladies drummer is only going in one direction…


“Bring it on…!”

Pop sensations, the now tragically defunct One Direction, at one point allegedly had a list of questions that weren’t so much ‘banned’ but apparently, let’s say, ‘frowned upon’ for media interviews.


On British soil for the #BNLUK2016 tour, and never one to shy away from a challenge, BNL drummer Tyler Stewart tackled some of the awkward questions that Britain’s biggest pop export wouldn’t hack during a chat with Get Barenaked


Take it away Tyler…

You shouldn’t ask One Direction who their celebrity crushes are – but you can ask Tyler Stewart, right?!

Celebrity crush, oh my god, wow! I wonder why you can’t ask them that – that’s funny.

I’m gonna have to tell my daughter Hazel – who absolutely loves One Direction – about this list of questions they can’t answer! Although One Direction are now either on hiatus or losing members faster than most sports teams…

Anyway, my celebrity crush – it’s just so predictable really, but I’d have to say:


Oh yeah, man.

I don’t think I’m ready for that jelly. I think her body’s a little bit too bootylicious for me.


Apparently it is ‘advised’ that you don’t ask the 1D lads anything X-Factor related – so how does Tyler Stewart feel about those kinds of shows and that format?

Well, with those formats – people either perform well under pressure or they don’t – it’s kind of like having a gun held to your head isn’t it? It’s like – “SING PERFECTLY, NOW!” – and I’m not sure I could pull it off.

I was always a big fan of Variety Night when I was at high school and performing – I thought it brought out the best in everybody because they had a chance to strut their stuff.

But now I think these shows have turned into a lazy way for the remaining record companies to scout new talent – and they don’t have to spend any money on marketing because the whole country knows who they are. And actually – it’s a karaoke contest! It bears no real resemblance to anything from the traditional rock and roll world and the traditional music business.

Obviously there’s talented people that play and come out of these things, but I certainly wouldn’t call it any true measure of success or talent.


Fun fact: Stevie McCrorie, 2015 winner of BBC’s The Voice, supported BNL in Glasgow in 2010 as ‘Stevie & The Moon’

You shouldn’t ask One Direction to describe each other in one word – so that’s exactly what I’m gonna ask you to do about the other members of Barenaked Ladies…

Haha, OK. Let’s start with Jim.


Jim: Fragrant.

Yeah, fragrant. Currently, this year – in 2016, Jim is fragrant.


Kevin: Busy.


Ed: Relaxed.

OK! Well there’s nothing scandalous there, I can publish that…

And me?



Ha! Well that’s Wagamamas for you – that’s what happens!

Well, there’s a series of circles going on – my head, my tummy, my behind, my mouth and my beard – it’s all kinda circular.

Like a Venn diagram?

Yeah – or a snowman!


Pic: @yay4bnl


Pic: @DavidJRandall

Thanks for being a good sport, Tyler!


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