Tyler Stewart Interview – #BNLUK2016, Wagamamas and Ed’s Twitter…

Get Barenaked caught up with Tyler Stewart, who is back in the UK with BNL for a 7-date jaunt.


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Tyler on… Coming back to the UK

It was a nice surprise that you’re back so soon – so how come? 

I think our manager Alison needed to go visit her mom or something – that’s why we’re back so soon!

No, I think that on our last UK tour with Colin Hay last October and November, we had such a great time – and actually the last several tours have been so fun, starting with Last Summer on Earth with Colin and Violent Femmes, into the UK tour, into the Canadian tour, it was so fun for us.


That’s why we’re back – we had such a great time last year on the tour and we felt like there were a few markets we didn’t hit. We’ve had this huge desire to play Bingley[laughs] haha I don’t even know, I haven’t even heard of it…

Obviously we love the UK and we’ve had a great run there since as early as 1991 when we first came over. We’ve always had great crowds and some of our favourite gigs there – Glasgow, for instance. And it’s always great playing London. But even in between there – anywhere we play in the UK is always a pleasure.

You feel like – I’ve mentioned this to you before – you really have to play your ass off, because who knows the next time we’re gonna come back? Also I think the nature of the crowd is a really musically literate audience. So if you’re shite, they’ll tell ya right away – I’ve said that before too, but I always enjoy that.

Plus it’s always good to get a full years’ dose of Asian-inspired noodles into a 10-day tour. Pretty soon we’re all gonna be sitting at that picnic table at Wagamama.

I think between Wagamama and Jamie’s Italian you’ve got your favourite places covered…

Some marketing genius went “OK, target audience: Older, fathers touring in the UK. Guys who like their food – they like Italian food, they like Asian food – OK, go!”


Tyler on… the summer tour

Yes, the best tour ever with OMD and Howard! What an amazing night of music, everyone was having such a great time together.

We didn’t even know those guys – we obviously knew their music and admired both Howard and OMD’s music – but wow!  Such great guys, lovely gents all-round. We all got along incredibly well and had lots of laughs – it was so incredible for us to be getting ready to go on stage every night and literally hear a jukebox of our teenage years – all of our favourite songs from them.


OMD just killed it every night – Andy McCluskey is an amazing front-man, he engaged the crowd – everyone was so pumped and ready for us to come out – and bring them down with our acoustic beginning…! Howard too – joining us for “No One Is To Blame”.

and it looks like UK fans going to the London show may just be in for a treat themselves: 

We had one of our best gigs of the summer at the Mountain Winery out in San Francisco  – that place is so gorgeous, such a beautiful, beautiful part of the country – and some of the best tech companies and bridges and cities and wineries and redwood forests. They have so much going for them… But they don’t have the Stanley Cup. As I noted during the Mt Winery show to a chorus of boos..

I’m sure!

As soon as Ed told them that were Toronto Maple Leaf fans, and we’ve been suffering for 49 years, everything was fine!

Tyler on… Twitter!

After Ed popped up on Twitter, Tyler reveals his social media ideas and gripes…

Ed’s engagement on social media – whatever he finds funny on any day, whether he saw an interesting film, whether he’s eating some interesting food, and of course pinball – those are the things that my man tweets about.

I said – “Well maybe you could devote @EdRobertson to pinball?” – he’s synonymous with it – and if he used it for almost exclusively pinball tweets, I think it’d be great.

Image via

Image via

The other thing is, there was a guy impersonating Ed out there – or squatting on the @EdRobertson Twitter handle – so eventually he got it and got himself verified…

…which – I’ve been trying to get myself re-verified – I don’t know what the heck happened!

I have a theory – I’m a bit of a Twitter geek – did you protect your tweets at some point? –

Yeah, but I don’t know how that happened! Like, that’s the stupidest thing in the world to protect your tweets – that just prevents anyone from engaging with you!


Pic: @yay4bnl

I think when I did a software update or with the app – I don’t use the Twitter app – I use the Echofon app – but I have the Twitter app because it comes with the iPhone – I think when I set up the Twitter app for some reason it defaulted to protected tweets. I didn’t even know my tweets were protected until I was on a television show and they were like “We wanted to check your Twitter but it’s prote-“, I was like “No it’s not!” So then I changed it back and now I’ve written them two letters saying “I inadvertently did that, so something happened but I didn’t wanna protect my tweets, so re-verify me”, but people haven’t got back to me yet… It’s really me!”

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