5 times Ed Robertson has dazzled us with his hair

It’s Ed’s birthday today – Happy Birthday Ed! Here are some fun moments from years gone by when Ed’s hair has taken centre stage…


📸: yay4bnl

1. The curly mop

Long on top and short on the sides, here’s Ed’s look in the band’s early days…


2. The bleached-blonde

At the height of their success in the US – the late 90s when Stunt sold a bucket-load and the band filled arenas across the States – Ed could be seen sporting a ‘brighter’ style. The newly-peroxide-blonde star matched it with an oh-so-truly-90s goatee.

3. The mowhawk

Around the 2003/4 Everything to Everyone promotional circuit, Ed channeled his inner Mr T.

4. The Movember

Raising money for a great cause, Ed modeled a hairy top lip for Movember back in 2011.


5. The beard

3 of the 4 band members were bearded at some point during the Silverball tour, and this was Ed’s effort. Find out who the band voted as having the best beard in this Get Barenaked video!


Happy Birthday Ed!

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