GUEST BLOG: A great night in Boise – by Beth

Beth went out to Get Barenaked in Boise last summer and wanted to share her story from a memorable night!
“I had to share my AMAZING night from last summer (7/12/2016)!
BNL Ed 1
I have been a die-hard Barenaked Ladies fan for 20 years. That night was the 12th time I have seen them live, which is amazing in and of itself, but last night I got to meet the band before the concert!

BNL Group Pic

The guys were GREAT and I got to have a conversation with Ed Robertson (my all time FAV!!!). He asked my name, signed my cell phone and a poster too.
BNL Phone
The night could’ve ended there with me on cloud nine, but DURING the concert, Ed came over to me at the edge of the stage during a song and said “How’s it goin’ Beth V.?”  Between hyperventilating and nearly Blacking Out (BNL reference), I was somehow able to snap these pics! 
BNL Ed 3
He was also gracious enough to come say goodbye to me after the show!! What an AMAZING NIGHT!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET IT!  Thanks to: ED!, Tyler, Jim, and Kevin, my friend & wing-man – Lorena Robideau, and BOB Radio station for getting me back stage to FINALLY meet them after 20 years!!!! Pinch Me!!!
Sigh… just reading that back helps me relive that awesome night!  Thanks for letting me share!”
Thanks Beth! If you would like to share your BNL story, please email ✉
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