GUEST BLOG – a New Year unlike any other – by Mike

Mike shares a Barenaked tale from 1999 – a memory that he cherishes to this day.

I received a New Years gift unlike any other, and it was from BNL on December 30, 1999.

It was their BNL2K tour, and I scored seats in the second row at the Nassau Coliseum in New York.

Knowing that they would see me, I made a huge sign that said “I would $ell my $oul to sing on stage with BNL”. Midway through the show, Ed asked me to come up on stage with my sign. Him and Steven did an improv jam about it, and then turned the mic over to me and let me pick a song to sing. I chose “Life in a Nutshell”.

I should also mention that Ed said that instead of selling my soul to them, I should donate food to a food bank (which I did first thing in the new year). It shows just how considerate they are. Their good deed was immediately paid forward to a local charity.

I gained so much from that brief moment. I made friends that evening who I still speak to. I have a memory that will last a lifetime and a story that I’ll forever be able to share.

Most personally though, as a teenager, I was mindful of the fact that a very simple gesture on their part could make someone’s day, year, or life. I realized as a teenager that I wanted to work in an industry that could have that impact on someone.

I graduated college in 05’, and by 08’ was in Billboard Magazine’s 30 Under 30 issue; recognized for an artist management company that I started two years earlier. My entire career path and where I am today is in a very big way because of a small gesture that they made a night before we rang in the year 2000.

The funny part about it is that all these years later, Steven still remembers it. I’ve connected with him a few times over the years, and he references a joke he cracked on stage when it happened. I love that. 

That small moment for them had a deeper impact on my life than they could possibly imagine, and I will forever be grateful for it.

That’s my story, and one that I’ll forever remember.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks Mike!

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