A note on BNLUK…


BNLUK is now Get Barenaked!


Having launched BNLUK in 2002, and seen a fantastic, interactive community develop over the years, it was time to branch out and offer an exciting fan site for international audiences.

In its time, BNLUK ran dozens of interviews, competitions and fun stuff with Barenaked Ladies. Get Barenaked will continue to do that… only this time, it’s not restricted to posting as infrequently as the band’s visits over the pond.

UK fans; there is still a home for you. If you want to reminisce about BNL’s shows on our shores, and discuss UK-specific news, a new Facebook group has been set up and I hope to see you there. That, along with the new, will contain all the UK-specific content for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the site.