Guest Blogs

GUEST BLOG: #VegasStrong – by Jen

Barenaked Ladies fan and Las Vegas resident Jen shares her heartfelt thoughts about the recent tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Festival - and remains #VegasStrong: On 10/1/17 at approximately 10:05pm, an act of pure evil occurred on the Las Vegas strip. More than 22,000 music lovers were enjoying the Route 91 Harvest Festival and Jason Aldean had just [...]

GUEST BLOG: Early memories and gratitude – by Molly

Molly shares her story of growing up with BNL and her passion for the band. I've been a Barenaked Ladies fan for my entire life, never getting tired of their music.  As my friends and even family have grown tired of hearing me gush about Ed's "Bathroom Sessions", their funny music videos and other various things, I've been looking for a way to [...]

GUEST BLOG: Odds Are – by Alasdair

Alasdair writes a blog post for Get Barenaked explaining why BNL's fun and carefree nature became really important to him. The odds are that we will probably be alright: Why my relationship with the Barenaked Ladies will always be more than simple fandom I have always been a reserved, thoughtful and generally quiet person and, while [...]

GUEST REVIEW: BNLxPersuasions – by Laura

Get Barenaked reader Laura is suitably impressed with the latest BNL release. Here is her review of the new collaboration between Barenaked Ladies and The Persuasions... Sometimes a truly great collaboration can be more than the sum of its parts. When there is chemistry, respect and loads of talent on both sides, sometimes magic happens. That [...]

GUEST BLOG: A great night in Boise – by Beth

Beth went out to Get Barenaked in Boise last summer and wanted to share her story from a memorable night!   "I had to share my AMAZING night from last summer (7/12/2016)!     I have been a die-hard Barenaked Ladies fan for 20 years. That night was the 12th time I have seen them live, which is amazing in and of itself, but last [...]

GUEST BLOG: Music, Malarkey and Memories – by Amy

A regular blogger for Get Barenaked, Amy shares some thoughts on BNL, friends and change. Take it away, Amy... Time changes many things. And interestingly enough, a few things don’t change. Among the changes over the past 19 years: Graduated college; moved five times; met the man I would eventually marry; he put a ring on it (married!); added [...]

GUEST BLOG: This band just keeps getting better – by Jen

Jen went along to the Las Vegas #LastSummerOnEarth2016 show and wrote this piece about what a fun time she had at the show! September 22 marked two months since my friends and I had the joy of seeing the band Barenaked Ladies in Las Vegas. This band has been MY band since the mid-1990's when I first heard Maybe You Should Drive in college [...]

GUEST BLOG: #BNLUK2016 thoughts – by Sipsy

Having attended three shows on the #BNLUK2016 tour, Stephen 'Sipsy' Jessup-Peacock shares his thoughts on the most recent iteration of the BNL live show... Barenaked Ladies saved my life! Now you may feel that's a strong statement, but I feel if you are going to read my review of this most recent #BNLUK tour, you need to know how I associate [...]

GUEST BLOG: An open letter – memories and thank you – by Jenny

Jenny attended the LSOE show in Missoula and wanted to share this letter to BNL and the crew. To the 2016 BNL summer concert tour... I just wanted to take the extra time to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting together such an awesome show in Missoula, MT this summer. Please take a minute to read while I (try to) briefly [...]

GUEST BLOG: Ryne – LSOE2016 adventures!

Read this guest blog from Ryne, describing some amazing adventures out on #LSOE2016! It's hard to explain the loss. I'm sitting at my apartment in a dining room chair, with a signed edition of Mothball Mint in front of me, and plenty more items to the side, still reeling over the fact that my last summer on Earth has finally come to its [...]