Red Rocks reviews

GUEST REVIEW – Lori on BNL Rocks Red Rocks

Lori gives her verdict on the new live album from the Ladies. As someone who's not usually a fan of live albums, I was prepared to have pretty neutral feelings on BNL Rocks Red Rocks. I wasn't even really in a rush to listen to it at first, because after all, I've already seen BNL live, and what can top that? (Okay, nothing can top that.) I thought [...]

GUEST REVIEW – Mark on BNL Rocks Red Rocks

Mark Tyler shares his verdict on BNL Rocks Red Rocks To most keen Barenaked Ladies fans this new live release was something that was certainly not a necessity (we’ve all got loads right? Whether they are official or bootleg!), it was however something to really look forward to, especially if you were present at one of the shows on the Silverball [...]

GUEST REVIEW – Camilla on BNL Rocks Red Rocks

Camilla gives her take on BNL's new live release, BNL Rocks Red Rocks BNL Rocks Red Rocks captures the band in their confident stride. These guys clearly love what they do. That kind of joy is infectious and it’s part of what makes their live shows so great. It translates to the album and makes it a good one in its own right. There are some [...]