The Get Barenaked Guessing Game!

INTRODUCING: The Get Barenaked Guessing Game - with Barenaked Ladies! See what happens when BNL play a fast-paced guessing game, with categories including 'animals' and '1988 films and music'. Thank you to the guys for being such good sports as always - this video is sure to make you laugh! The second part of the Get Barenaked Guessing Game with [...]

The Cousins interview – Part 2: Kevin Hearn

The Cousins - Harland Williams and Kevin Hearn - release new album Rattlesnake Love on March 17th. Last week, Harland Williams spoke about the duo and their upcoming release. Now you can read Kevin Hearn's exclusive Get Barenaked interview - enjoy! What are your earliest childhood memories together with Harland? Well obviously there's the [...]

The Cousins interview – Part 1: Harland Williams

The Cousins - Harland Williams and Kevin Hearn - release new album Rattlesnake Love on March 17th. In the first of a two-part interview, Get Barenaked speaks to actor, comedian and singer extraordinaire Mr Harland Williams. As a bit of background, you and Kev as youngsters - what are your earliest childhood memories together? Oh man, [...]

INTRODUCING: Mike Evin – Interview & Artist Profile

MIKE EVIN opens for BNL in Detroit (March 3) and Des Moines (May 10) and Get Barenaked caught up with the Toronto-based musician for an in-depth interview ahead of the shows. If you're not acquainted with Mike Evin yet, you're missing out – big time. Born in Montreal and now a Toronto citizen, the affable multi-instrumentalist will open up [...]

Barenaked Ladies in the Get Barenaked Music Quiz!

Get Barenaked challenged the BNL chaps to a music quiz - and almost caused a riot! 😳 Check out the hilarious footage below where Kev, Jim, Ed and Tyler are tasked with three rounds of musical questions: 1) Identify the BNL song from a word or phrase; 2) Identify an artist friends' song by its intro; and finally 3) Identify the BNL song from [...]

Tyler Stewart takes on the questions that One Direction won’t!

The Barenaked Ladies drummer is only going in one direction... Pop sensations, the now tragically defunct One Direction, at one point allegedly had a list of questions that weren't so much 'banned' but apparently, let's say, 'frowned upon' for media interviews. On British soil for the #BNLUK2016 tour, and never one to shy away from [...]

PREVIEW: Barenaked Ladies at Bingley Festival

Barenaked Ladies drummer Tyler Stewart talks to Get Barenaked about the band's upcoming performance at Bingley Festival The band make their first appearance at Bingley Festival, performing on a bill also featuring Echo & The Bunnymen, Travis and We Are Scientists. Explaining the decision to return to the UK within a year of the band's previous [...]

Tyler Stewart Interview – #BNLUK2016, Wagamamas and Ed’s Twitter…

Get Barenaked caught up with Tyler Stewart, who is back in the UK with BNL for a 7-date jaunt. Tyler on... Coming back to the UK It was a nice surprise that you’re back so soon – so how come?  I think our manager Alison needed to go visit her mom or something – that’s why we’re back so soon! No, I think that on our last UK tour [...]

Rob ‘Tiny’ Menegoni Interview

Get Barenaked spoke to BNL's drum tech about life on the road, the upcoming Last Summer on Earth tour, BNL behind the scenes and much more...  Hi Tiny! Thanks very much for speaking to Get Barenaked! You're fresh (is that the right word?) from a show at Universal Orlando - how was that? Hi Liam, Universal was AMAZING!! We always have a [...]

The Ping Pong Bats of Truth: What do Barenaked Ladies REALLY think of each other?

Barenaked Ladies tell Get Barenaked what they REALLY think of each other... Barenaked Ladies face up to the Ping Pong Bats of Truth™ in a quest to find out just what the band think of each other's habits and quirks! Think "All Star Mr and Mrs" in this fun Get Barenaked clip - Ed and Tyler match up, followed by Kevin and Jim. Find out [...]