Tyler’s Tidbits

Get Barenaked recently caught up with Tyler Stewart. Here are some of the bits that didn't quite fit in to the interview, but we wanted to share them anyway. Enjoy! Tyler's Music Tips We asked Tyler what music he's into at the minute. The intention was a Top 5 list, but as we all know, there's so much good music out there, so it was hard to streamline. [...]

Barenaked Ladies are “becoming a new entity”. A catch-up with Tyler Stewart…

Barenaked Ladies ended 2013 with a tour of the UK and a string of symphony shows back in their homeland Canada. But what does 2014 hold, and what's the mood in camp BNL? Get Barenaked spoke to Tyler Stewart in December 2013. Barenaked Ladies are in top form.  2013 marked the band's 25th anniversary, and they celebrated by putting out their [...]

Boothby Graffoe Interview (2013)

Get Barenaked chatted with musician and comedian Boothby Graffoe, who is currently delighting North American crowds as the opening act on the Last Summer on Earth tour... Boothby on... LSOE Hi Boothby! How is the Last Summer on Earth tour treating you? Extremely well, thank you. It's an amazing thing, so many people, so much stuff! How [...]

Michael Phillip Wojewoda Interview (2012)

Michael Phillip Wojewoda is a musician and producer who sat at the helm for BNL's debut full-length release, Gordon, 20 years ago. He has since gone on to mastermind several other BNL projects, including Born On A Pirate Ship, the live album Rock Spectacle, a string of Kevin Hearn's solo releases, and more recently, Snacktime and 2010's All In Good [...]

Tyler Stewart Interview (2012)

BNLUK caught up with the Barenaked Ladies drummer to talk about all things BNL; including the upcoming rarities album, the US summer tour, and keeping trim!Hey Tyler! Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak to BNLUK again. How are you?I'm Swell, thanks Liam - busy but swell! Like everyone else my age, I've been juggling family life, work and health [...]

Boothby Graffoe Interview (2012) caught up with Boothby Graffoe mid-way through his tour with Omid Djalili and only a matter of days before the release of his new album, 'Bang! Is This Your Vehicle, Sir?'The new album, 'Bang! Is This Your Vehicle, Sir?'Describe the album in 3 words:Trinity. Triangle. Triplets. Song you are most proud of? i can't answer that question, [...]

Joel Plaskett Interview (2010) had the pleasure of catching up with Joel Plaskett in Birmingham at the start of his 2010 UK tour supporting BNL. Enjoy!BNLUK 2010 - Joel Plaskett Interview by BNLUKTranscript: Liam: OK, so we’re here at the Birmingham Academy, I’m with Joel Plaskett and it’s the 10th September, the second day of the Barenaked Ladies UK tour. It’s [...]

Barenaked Ladies Interview (2010)

BNLUK had the pleasure of meeting up with BNL before they kicked off their 2010 UK tour in Bristol. [...]

Brothers Creeggan Interview (2003)

The Gospel According To Andrew Familiarity & Blood... What makes Brothers Creeggan special to you, other than working with BNL or on solo work?The brother bond. It's a chance for us to hang out and continue exercising the music thing we've had going ever since Grade 8 or so. For me it's the highest in music I've ever come close to achieving, Jim [...]

Kevin Hearn Interview (2002)

Rolling back the years - interview with Mr. Kevin Hearn from September 2002... Kevin on Kevin: How are you? Enjoying your break from touring?Ah yes touring... I am enjoying my break from touring very much thank you. What have you been doing in your free time?I have been working on a comedy special with my cousin Harland Williams. I did some of the [...]