BARENAKED NEWS! #23: November 2018

It's #BarenakedNews time again - so here's Mil with the latest BNL updates! Click here for edition 23 (November) Newsletter author Mil says: It’s November! That means it’s time to get Barenaked for the Holidays out, and it’s been a whole year since Fake Nudes was released last November 17th! It’s really been that long already? [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #22: October 2018

Here's October's #BarenakedNews, where Mil shares all the latest BNL news and views! Click here for edition 22 (October) Newsletter author Mil says: Another quiet-ish month on the BNL front this time, although with plenty to celebrate! We are now officially past the 30 year mark as of this October 1st and there was plenty going on to commemorate [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #21: September 2018

It's #BarenakedNews time, so here's Mil to take you through the latest BNL news and views for September! Click here for edition 21 (September) Newsletter author Mil says: With my proofreader on holiday in China and Liam touring America with Steven Page, I’m writing solo this issue; all typos are therefore my fault and you can shout at [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #20: August 2018

It's #BarenakedNews time! August may have been a quiet month for BNL, but Mil is here to update you on the bits and bobs you may have missed. Click here for edition 20 (August) Newsletter author Mil says: ...Wow, even the crickets are on holiday. An exceedingly quiet BNL month this time. It’s summer holidays and the Ladies have been busy catching [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #19: July 2018

Mil is back with another #BarenakedNews - rounding up July's news and chat on BNL. Click here for edition 19 (July) Newsletter author Mil gives a summary of the scoop for July:  The summer tour is over for the year! Besides yet another amazing concert round-up courtesy of all the great Barenaked fans out there taking photos and videos, [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #18: June 2018

Here's Mil with June's #BarenakedNews - rounding up all the latest news and chat on BNL. Click here for edition 18 (June) Fabulous newsletter author Mil gives the low-down on the June 2018 edition:  It’s summer tour time! There has been other BNL news too; this issue isn’t all photos. Well, it’s mostly photos. #LSOE [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #17: May 2018

With the opening of a museum exhibit celebrating the band, and a new mammoth summer tour just around the corner, May has provided its fair share of Barenaked fun - here's this month's newsletter to get you up to speed... Click here for edition 17 (May) Fabulous newsletter author Mil gives the low-down on the May 2018 edition:  Ughhh... [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #16: April 2018

BNL have just wrapped up their #BNLUK tour and we have a Barenaked News just in time to recap all the fun that was had - on the road and beyond - in the last month! Click here for edition 16 (April) Here's Mil to take you through what's in the April 2018 edition:  They say your first time is always special and, well, I’m not a BNL [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #15: March 2018

Hello and welcome to the March edition of #BarenakedNews, jam-packed full of updates from BNL's induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame! Click here for edition 15 (March) Here's Mil to take you through what's in the March 2018 edition:  I cracked. I said I’d watch it the morning after but here I am at 2:30am on Junos night, [...]

BARENAKED NEWS! #14: February 2018

Here's the latest edition of #BarenakedNews, with updates from the Rock Boat and a preview of the upcoming Hall of Fame induction. Click here for edition 14 (February) Here's Mil to take you through what's in the February 2018 edition:  A small BNL month again this month I’m afraid, folks. But it’s certainly an exciting time to [...]