Gordon Turns 20

CBC’s ‘The Incident’ – Steven Page meets Brian Wilson

In a well-timed feature (Gordon's 20th anniversary week), CBC have explored how Steven Page met Beach Boy Brian Wilson years after writing a song about him.Text courtesy of Steven Page made a name for himself with the Barenaked Ladies back in 1992. Their album Gordon was a runaway success in this country and featured the then chubby and bespectacled [...]

Guest Blog: Gordon Opened The Floodgates, by Doug Bogatz

In a week that Gordon turned 20, Ladies fan Doug Bogatz has written in to share his thoughts on the band and how his love for BNL even extended to his wedding day. A great read - thanks very much Doug.I am somewhat of a "born again" Ladies fan, and also one generation late. I was in middle school when "One Week" hit the charts, and was instantly hooked [...]

Gordon: 20 year anniversary!

It's a special Barenaked anniversary, as BNL's debut album Gordon is 20 years old today! At the risk of making many of our readers - and the band themselves - feeling rather ancient, today marks 20 years since BNL's classic full-length debut was released.On the 28th July 1992, BNL and Sire Records introduced the world to Gordon - and the public [...]

Guest Blog: Gordon and beyond, by Mark Gray

BNLUK reader Mark Gray has contributed this fantastic piece about discovering BNL's music in the Gordon era, and how he remains a fan two decades on.It’s sometimes easy to forget what the musical landscape was like in the early 1990s. Phil Collins just didn't do it for Mark...There [...]