Grayscale cover “The Old Apartment”

Philadelphia-based pop-punk act cover BNL hit. What do you think to this rocked-up version of BNL's 1996 hit "The Old Apartment" by Philly pop-punk outfit Grayscale? Find out more about Grayscale here and you can buy the EP "Change", featuring this very cover, on Bandcamp. Leave your comments on their cover version on the Get Barenaked [...]

Last Summer on Earth – tour Spotify playlist!

Here's some tunes you may well hear on the Last Summer on Earth tour later in 2016... (Scroll down for more) What tunes are you looking forward to hearing? Comment on the Get Barenaked Facebook and Twitter! [...]

WATCH The Faceplants cover “Brian Wilson”

Up-and-coming Vancouver band share acoustic cover of BNL hit. Dan and Garrett of The Faceplants recorded this acoustic version of one of the Ladies' most famous tunes. According to their Facebook, The Faceplants boast "'in-your-face' attitude, powerful and unforgettable songs, and sheer tenacity". You can find out for yourself by following [...]

Introducing Get Barenaked!

To better serve our fellow Barenaked Ladies fans, we are making some changes to BNLFans. After working on this project for many years as a team, we have decided to split off into two separate, exciting entities to ensure that all the latest Barenaked Ladies news and information is available as it happens. The BNLFans website is now found at [...]

RIP David: Loss of a great fan

We have some sad news to share today. Last week, we lost a great Barenaked Ladies fan and fellow member of the @getbarenaked community, David Ryave. You may have known him online as @gordonrascal. David's son, Daniel, shared some memories of his dad and the band: "My favorite memories with my Dad always included BNL. We followed them across [...]

Meet our guest Tweeters!

A few weeks back, we announced plans to host a week of guest Tweeters on the @getbarenaked account! We've come up with a fun and eclectic mix of BNL fans to entertain you next week for our rotation curation project, and we'd like to introduce them... Monday 6th October - Sam @RedNextDoor I'm a lifelong fan who pretty much ignores new [...]

A fan rotation curation week on Twitter!

How would you like to take the reins of the Get Barenaked Twitter account? We are offering just that, with a new Fan Week initiative at @getbarenaked. Rotation curation is the concept of a rotating spokesperson/host on a social media account, and we would love to try this from our lovely and dedicated base of followers. Over the course [...]

Barenaked Ladies And Me – The Movie

It's here! Barenaked Ladies And Me - The Movie is now available to watch on Youtube, where you can check out over 90 minutes of fan footage and Barenaked fun! What does it mean to be a Barenaked Ladies fan? Hear stories from fans around the world about what the band means to them. Featuring an original soundtrack, live videos and pictures. A [...]

What do Barenaked Ladies mean to you?

We’re pleased to share a very cool BNL fan project and would encourage the readers of Get Barenaked to get involved and help create a superb collaborative video all about the band! We’re asking “What do Barenaked Ladies mean to you?” and hope to be able to share your stories and experiences through a montage video, organised and compiled [...]

A Real Life “Grinning Streak”

Over their 25 year career, Barenaked Ladies have made some amazing music, we all know that... ...but they have also made some amazing memories for many of us fans. Whether it was a smile from stage from your favorite band member, playing your favorite song, meeting lifelong friends at a show or getting to meet the band for the first time, the members [...]