REVIEW: Ladies & Gentlemen – Barenaked Ladies and The Persuasions

Barenaked Ladies have pulled off a remarkable collaboration. Ladies & Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies and The Persuasions was given ... Full story »

The Cousins interview – Part 2: Kevin Hearn

The Cousins - Harland Williams and Kevin Hearn - release new album Rattlesnake Love on March 17th. Last week, Harland ... Full story »

Ladies & Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies & The Persuasions

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INTRODUCING: Mike Evin – Interview & Artist Profile

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5 times Ed Robertson has dazzled us with his hair

It's Ed's birthday today - Happy Birthday Ed! Here are some fun moments from years gone by when Ed's hair has taken centre stage... 1. The curly mop Long on top and short on the sides, here's Ed's look in the band's early days... 2. The bleached-blonde At the height of their success in the US - the late 90s when Stunt sold a bucket-load and the [...]

Barenaked Ladies hit the studio with The Persuasions this weekend

Barenaked Ladies will record 12 tracks with legendary a cappella group The Persuasions this weekend. From Sunday to Tuesday, the acts will take on 12 songs, comprised of reworked BNL tunes - with a couple of Persuastions tracks thrown in the mix too. Vocal arrangements will be crafted by The Persuasions, with instrumentation and [...]

EXPIRED – COMPETITION: Win a limited edition Duct Tape Heart poster!

Get Barenaked is giving a reader the chance to win this limited edition BNL poster! COMPETITION NOW CLOSED: Congratulations to the winner, Suzanne! Look at it! Look how beautiful it is. Hairy arm not included. This limited edition "Duct Tape Heart" poster was available only to VIPs on the UK leg of the Silverball tour in 2015. Get Barenaked [...]

GUEST BLOG: Music, Malarkey and Memories – by Amy

A regular blogger for Get Barenaked, Amy shares some thoughts on BNL, friends and change. Take it away, Amy... Time changes many things. And interestingly enough, a few things don’t change. Among the changes over the past 19 years: Graduated college; moved five times; met the man I would eventually marry; he put a ring on it (married!); added [...]

BNL non-album tracks – 10 of the best

Get Barenaked goes all Buzzfeed! With 27 years as a band and well over 300 songs under their belt, Barenaked Ladies have a plethora of weird and wonderful tracks that didn't quite make a commercial release. Get Barenaked chronicles some of the best of those discarded gems... 10. Let There Be Light Found on: All In Good Time special edition (bonus [...]

GUEST BLOG: This band just keeps getting better – by Jen

Jen went along to the Las Vegas #LastSummerOnEarth2016 show and wrote this piece about what a fun time she had at the show! September 22 marked two months since my friends and I had the joy of seeing the band Barenaked Ladies in Las Vegas. This band has been MY band since the mid-1990's when I first heard Maybe You Should Drive in college [...]

Barenaked Ladies in the Get Barenaked Music Quiz!

Get Barenaked challenged the BNL chaps to a music quiz - and almost caused a riot! 😳 Check out the hilarious footage below where Kev, Jim, Ed and Tyler are tasked with three rounds of musical questions: 1) Identify the BNL song from a word or phrase; 2) Identify an artist friends' song by its intro; and finally 3) Identify the BNL song from [...]

GUEST BLOG: #BNLUK2016 thoughts – by Sipsy

Having attended three shows on the #BNLUK2016 tour, Stephen 'Sipsy' Jessup-Peacock shares his thoughts on the most recent iteration of the BNL live show... Barenaked Ladies saved my life! Now you may feel that's a strong statement, but I feel if you are going to read my review of this most recent #BNLUK tour, you need to know how I associate [...]

10 highlights from #BNLUK2016

With the #BNLUK2016 tour now sadly over, Get Barenaked looks back at 10 magic moments from a run of shows which saw the band on top form - and British audiences loving the return of the BNL travelling party. 🇬🇧 Selling out Glasgow Barenaked Ladies kicked off their seven-date UK tour in - where else but Glasgow - and were warmly [...]

Tyler Stewart takes on the questions that One Direction won’t!

The Barenaked Ladies drummer is only going in one direction... Pop sensations, the now tragically defunct One Direction, at one point allegedly had a list of questions that weren't so much 'banned' but apparently, let's say, 'frowned upon' for media interviews. On British soil for the #BNLUK2016 tour, and never one to shy away from [...]